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How to edit your mp3 version of Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City for playlists (aka removing the skits). Make sure to make a copy of the full album first, maybe rename it with “full” in the album field to separate it from this version. You do this because the skits are awesome, and a very necessary part of the album experience, but you don’t need them when you’re shuffling through your “2012 Jamz” playlist, right?

Then just do a “Get Info” on each of these tracks and enter these numbers in the “Stop Time” field. Not all the tracks need to be adjusted, by the way. Just these. They might not be perfect—there’s always a little flex here and there—but it’s really quick to do (and you can adjust the tenths of a second +1 or -1 [or +111 or -184] to get it perfect)

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