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(…) I bought the Crown Heights Affair’s album Dreaming a Dream, which is where this track is from originally. 

This song makes me so happy. I know it from its inclusion on Larry Levan’s Live at the Paradise Garage. In that brilliant mix, which is packed with so many great moments (like Cher’s “Take Me Home”), the Crown Heights Affair song is the one that really gets me going. Something about the way Levan brings it into the mix, those cymbals, the drums come in, then that funky guitar gives a strong feeling of “Oh shit, here we go!” And my lord, the timbre of that synth. For me, it all conveys perfectly the feeling of a super-positive party, people having a fucking ball and loving each other. 

I like having a vinyl copy of this album (which I haven’t listened to yet beyond the first track) because the artifact itself seems to have some history to it. This looks like an original pressing, which means I’m holding in my hands something from 1975, a record that has, possibly, been present in rooms of varying sizes where people were having a very good time. Maybe a DJ owned it. The cover is worn and the vinyl looks like it has been been played plenty, but it’s also in pretty decent shape noise-wise, which suggests to me that someone cared for this record. I plan on doing the same.

  1. youhearthat said: It came out a few days ago that a pizza chain applied for an ABC permit using Plan 9’s Carytown address. So sad. I hear they’re planning to reopen in a smaller Carytown location, but it’s a shame to see them surrender that big, beautiful space.
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